The Psychological Impact of Hearing Issues

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Hearing loss tends to dramatically affect how people feel and respond to their surroundings. People with impaired hearing skills usually face mental and emotional consequences, including low self-esteem and poor interaction with others. Therefore, apart from comprehending the causes of hearing loss, it becomes imperative to understand the severe psychological impact it holds as well. Hearing issues in an individual impact social relations and emotional well-being. Therefore, you can better support someone with hearing loss in navigating troubled times by acknowledging these issues.

Understanding the Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss in a person refers to impaired hearing induced by several factors. This hearing loss can be genetic or developed later in life and can vary from moderate to profound hearing loss. Some of the common types of hearing loss are as follows:

  • Conductive hearing loss refers to the blocks or issues in the middle or outer ear. It can be induced by:
    • middle or outer ear malfunctions and infections
    • impacted ear wax.
    • an impaired eardrum
  • Sensorineural hearing loss refers to the damage to the hair membranes in the inner ear. It can be induced by:
    • exposure to audible noise, such as loud music
    • aging
    • conditions such as meningitis

The Psychological Impacts of Hearing Loss

Here are some of the significant psychological impacts hearing loss can have on people:

Depression and anxiety: losing the ability to hear can make a person feel like they have lost a body part or even their individuality. This feeling often induces sadness and depression.

Furthermore, symptoms of depression in a person entail crying, weight changes, slowed reactions, and disrupted resting patterns. Apart from that, hearing loss can also provoke anxiety and stress since the person suffering from hearing loss is unable to actively take part in the conversation.

Denial and anger: losing your hearing abilities can be a powerful transformation to your day-to-day life and can often be a challenging change to get accustomed to, provoking feelings of rage. It is even expected for individuals with hearing loss to be in contradiction about the intensity of their hearing loss as it is a challenging transformation to accept.

Social withdrawal and isolation: it is common for people with hearing loss to avoid circumstances where it is challenging to hear to avoid emotions of anxiety, fear, and humiliation regarding their hearing deficiency. In addition, social withdrawal and isolation can also lead to further instances of rage or depression.

People suffering from hearing loss usually face a hard time interacting with others. If you or your loved one is suffering from hearing issues, Alabama Hearing Centers can be your one-stop destination. To schedule an appointment or shop from our wide range of hearing aids, call us or visit our website for more details.


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