The hearing test...
It all starts here.

Have you ever had a hearing test before? If so, do you remember the part where someone played a tone for you and you raised your hand when it was playing? Interestingly there is actually an art to performing this properly which not all providers follow. There are many parts of what goes into making sure that after one has completed their hearing test they have accurate results as well – more than just those beeps!


A proper hearing examination includes: 


  • Gathering of Case History
  • Investigation of Possible Contraindications (reasons not to wear a hearing aid)
  • Standard and Video Otoscopy
  • Pure Tone Air Conduction Testing
  • Pure Tone Bone Conduction Testing
  • Speech Understanding Testing
  • Loudness Discomfort Level Testing
  • Speech In Noise Testing


We will walk you through a comprehensive hearing test, and we’ll make sure it’s completely painless. Afterwards, we will talk about your budget and lifestyle to find the right treatment for you. We care deeply about meeting all your needs as an individual so that every person has a solution that works for them!

We listen, so you may hear...

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