Hearing Protection at Alabama Hearing Centers

Most people don’t think too much about it, but for a lot of us out there protecting our hearing is an important way to make sure we can hear for years to come. Many activities such as lawn care, air travel and general use of firearms can take their toll on your ears – not just in terms of temporary discomfort.


A variety of solutions are available, some universal and some custom made.  Molded solid ear plugs can be a solution when you need something more heavy duty to protect your ears from impact noises on the range or in construction sites. Also, electronic ear plugs are available that amplify soft sounds while protecting against loud noise at work or play! Give us a call so we can find out which method is going to provide optimal hearing protection for you.


Phonak Serenity Choice Universal Fit Hearing Protection
Phonak Serenity Choice universal hearing protection
ear plugs with lanyard
Custom silicone plugs designed for high noise occupational environments